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Operation Blowtorch Johnnie Crystal

Operation Blowtorch

Johnnie Crystal

Published August 27th 2014
ISBN : 9781633820661
240 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In 1943 the Germans will begin to deploy fighter jets to penetrate the British. There are two actions launched. John Dewinter is a quick photo explorer sent to Rostock by plane while Danny Chernick goes by train. Everything runs differently than hoped, and it is still questionable whether Danny and John are to leave Germany again. Johnnie Crystal (1944) has done research work as a physical chemist until his retirement. However, his interests go much further. In particular, he has much interest in aviation. Additionally, mountaineering is one of his hobbies. After his retirement, he wrote about topics such as mountaineering, aviation, science (fiction) and espionage. Most climbs and mountain tours which he describes in his books, he has achieved.