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Fantastic Fish, Supreme Shellfish! Jessica Howard

Fantastic Fish, Supreme Shellfish!

Jessica Howard

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

In ”Fantastic Fish, Supreme Shellfish!” you will not find thousands of different recipes youll end up never using anyway, this is a LASER-focused edition with only the very best Hand-Picked True and Tested Fish and Shellfish Recipes that you will use and love for years to come.You will be able to make your own delicious and healthy shellfish and fish food without any harmful preservatives or chemicals. Plus it will taste much better than anything you could ever buy in a store or at a restaurant!Youll find traditional and unique variations of mouthwatering scrumptious seafood recipes like for example:* Pan-fish* Pickled Salmon* Planked Fish* Rock Fish Stew* Shad Broil* Sauted Pickerel* Sauted Salt Mackerel* Stewed Fish* Stewed Fresh Herring* Stewed Eels* Steamed Fish* Sardine Salad* Smoked Salmon* Salmon Pickle* Salmon En Maigre* Scalloped Oysters* Fried Oysters* Oyster Salad* Oyster Pie* Baltimore Oyster Pie* Steamed Clams* Baked Clams* Fried Clams* Lobster Soup With Milk* Lobster Salad* Deviled Lobster* Lobster A La Newburg* Lemon Cream Sauce* Spanish Sauce* Nut Sauce* Horseradish Sauce* Crab Salad* Crab-flake Cocktail* Deviled Crabs* Creamed Shrimp… plus MUCH More!Simply put: If you like fish and/or shellfish – you will LOVE this book!Dig in and enjoy!