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Gifted and Sick: Life at the Intersection of High Ability and Neuroimmune Disease A.M. Runyan

Gifted and Sick: Life at the Intersection of High Ability and Neuroimmune Disease

A.M. Runyan

Kindle Edition
214 pages
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 About the Book 

What happens when capable, high achieving people become sick?A resource for patients with above-average intelligence to understand themselves and meet their needsWhat happens when capable, high-achieving people become sick with chronic Lyme disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), or similar diseases?Up until now, the topic hasnt been studied, but, building on interviews with 20 gifted patients, A. M. Runyan details the unique challenges this group can face around diagnosis, appearing healthier than they truly are, peer groups, career struggles, underemployment, and changes in identities.For patients with above-average intelligence or impressive former careers, this book is an essential guide to remembering and understanding who they are. For families, friends, doctors, and researchers, it can provide a guide to helping these unique patients to meet their needs--both health-wise and intellectually.Rather than sticking to the trite advice to simply accept one’s losses or be instead of do, this book has a new perspective on thriving as an illness survivor with high ability.While this book focuses on certain diseases, the advice and perspectives would apply to gifted adults with any kind of chronic or severe illness or disability.Topics Discussed in the Book• Risks intelligent patients face, including delayed diagnosis and doctors underestimating their degree of cognitive impairment• The importance of career and vocational rehabilitation for gifted patients• Reasons that gifted patients might not see themselves as gifted• 65 “Recognized illness privileges” that most neuroimmune disease patients go without• Case studies and personal insights from 20 patients• Possible correlations between neuroimmune disease and intelligenceWhy Is it Often Hard for Gifted Patients to See Themselves as Gifted?A. M. Runyan explores some factors that contribute to the erasure of gifted neuroimmune illness patients, both in their own views of themselves as well as in their peer groups, families and among professionals such as doctors and therapists.This book contributes to understanding of intersectionality of being both gifted and sick.About The AuthorA. M. Runyan is a writer and chronic Lyme disease and CIRS/mold illness survivor with interests in interdisciplinarity, internalized discrimination, and advocacy.Please scroll up and check out the book now, and tell your friends, other patients, and doctors who might be interested in the book.Also check out the author’s page at www.amrunyan.com