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Frozen: O Livro do Filme Walt Disney Company

Frozen: O Livro do Filme

Walt Disney Company

46 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In this book, two sisters Elsa and Anna were really close when they were little until Anna and Elsa play in the ballroom of the kingdom of Arendelle and while Anna is jumping down the slides of snow that Elsa made Elsa slips on ice and accidentally hits Anna on the head, the snow goes through her curls. Luckily she is saved Pabbie the troll, he leaves the fun, but Anna doesnt know that Elsa has powers. Anna has no idea of her accident with Elsa, so Anna doesnt know why Elsa shuts her out and moves into a room next door, the only evidence of her accident is a white streak in Annas hair. Anna keeps asking Elsa if she wants to build a snowman Elsa wants to build a snowman, but she is afraid that she will hurt Anna again so she says nothing. When they are a bit older the King and Queen are going to travel to another kingdom, but when they leave theres a storm and it makes their boat capsize and then they have the King and Queens funeral. Three years later it was Elsas Coronation Day and the guards opened the gates. Then Anna gets engaged to Prince Hans Westerguard of the Southern Isles which leads to Elsas secret being out and now everybody in the castle and in the courtyard knows about it. In the end, Anna saves the kingdom from destruction and saves Elsa from being killed by Prince Hans Westerguard of the Southern Isles by sacrificing herself for Elsa. Annas sacrafice saved herself. Then they never close the gates again.