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Matty and the Moonlight Horse (Matty, #1) Jane Ayres

Matty and the Moonlight Horse (Matty, #1)

Jane Ayres

Published 2005
ISBN : 9781933343068
127 pages
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 About the Book 

You’ve heard of babysitter clubs – right?Well, meet Matty and her best friends Ronnie, Spike, and Gena. They’re the charter members of the Pony-less Club.They work hard at the local riding academy, mucking out stalls, sweeping the yard, washing the water buckets, grooming the ponies, praying that Miss Pugh, the world’s worst riding instructor, will allow them a few measly rides – and loving every minute of it!But now they have a plan – to work even harder, pool all their savings, and buy a horse – together! And just when it seems like it’ll take 20 years to make their dream come true, plop! One mysterious dream horse lands at their doorstep! Or rather, in the graveyard. At midnight.Careful, girls – nothing in life is ever that easy!