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A Serious Mistake Book 2 Grievance Committee Series Frank R Southers

A Serious Mistake Book 2 Grievance Committee Series

Frank R Southers

Published 2013
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 About the Book 

A SERIOUS MISTAKEBook 2 in the Grievance Committee SeriesBy Frank R. SouthersFour starsInsight into Some Lawyers’ PsychesMr. Southers, the author of this novel, is a Texas Lawyer and served the Texas Grievance Committee for ten years, and for anyone interested in some of the shannigans of lawyers and judges, this is a story that may entertain you.Scott Lonnigan was the prominent attorney character in this book. His serious mistake was that his ex-brother-in-law, Wayne, dropped off a bag of cocaine on Scott’s desk just as Scott was leaving to attend his Grievance Committee hearings and Scott didn’t have time to force Wayne to take it with him. Wayne said the cops were after him because of his using and distributing drugs and promised Scott he would return to the office and get the bag. He didn’t and Scott forgot about it because of the several hearings that day before the Grievance Committee. The Grievance Committee monitors and hears all grievances against attorneys in the State of Texas, and makes a judgment as to whether the accused attorney should be adjudged innocent, or have his law license suspended for a period of time or disbarred. In this particular book of the series, there were several cases heard and for anyone interested in how the law works when manipulated in the hands of both sincere and insincere attorneys and judges, you will probably find this Book 2 interesting and informative. The weakness in the novel is that there has to be considerable foundation laid in order for the reader to understand what is at stake. I enjoyed it very much.