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12 Connection of Love Dr Deborah Jackson

12 Connection of Love

Dr Deborah Jackson

Published December 7th 2013
ISBN : 9781494337049
178 pages
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 About the Book 

This book reveals the importance of early clarity for individuals otherwise would take years of personal study to understand the bible. Depicts love as seen through the eyes of various religions and, using the Holy Bible as an absolute reference, and other publications. Without a doubt ultimately, has complicity to reach the hearts of men, women, across all barriers, socio-economical, cultural, faith, creed, beliefs, and nationalities. The 12 Connections of love has the capacity to be considered for Theological and academic religious studies. The author challenged the idea that money can buy love, and peace, but uncovers that solution, is only temporally. Love is the key to world peace in todays society, and ones religion play a major part of the concept worldwide. A persons family genealogy, line, seed symbolic to the word in the biblical scriptures, with begat, begat, and the birth of Jesus Christ. The Fourth Man is the key to eternal life, when one connects, concepts of the Id, Ego, and, Superego, concept to Me, Myself, and I, forming a triangle. Concept of the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, or Spirit triangle, through an imaginary line, creating a second triangle, making two triangles equaling a square. Geometry, Physics, and Geography, plays important part in the bible, and the pivotal nucleus construction, And symbolism to (triangles, squares, lines, and circles). Unique book covers includes all seven chapters, readers will discover the significance of the symbolic nature, and all 12 Connection of Love will be revealed. Definitely an eye opener for todays society on, importance of number 12, revealing the whole concept for 12 Connection of Love, book conclusion. A powerful discovery for the universe to embrace. Twelve being the perfect and Divine Heavenly number, signifying governmental perfection, and Zodiac completing a great circle of the heaven.