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Professional Women- Work Seduction, Romance Erotica Season Parker

Professional Women- Work Seduction, Romance Erotica

Season Parker

Kindle Edition
22 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“I bet you’d like me to make you cum. But you have to earn that. Only the most deserving girls get licked by the CEO. What do you think you have to do to earn it?”Excerpt:The CEO, Gregs boss, was a woman. Mid-40s I suppose, and very attractive. Im sure she must have been stunning in her 20s. Her office was at completely the other end of the floor so I walked down there. Her assistant Julie, a petite black woman, waved me straight into her office. I walked in. Id met the CEO before but only in group settings. This was the first time I had been along with her. I gave her the envelope.Wait a moment, she said. I probably just have to sign this and you can make a copy and take the original back to Greg. Shut the door.I walked over and closed the door. I vaguely wondered why the door needed to be shut while she opened the envelope but I didnt really think anything of it.Greg says you are really good, she said. I felt a twinge in the pit of my stomach since I had no idea if she was being professional of if she knew more that I realized.I try to do what he wants, I said, giving an ambiguous response.So I hear. He tells me you find it hard to keep your hands off his cock.I blushed. Greg must have told her what I thought of as our secret.Im not surprised, he does have a lovely big one, doesnt he? she continued.My mind went blank. Yes, I stammered while I tried to think of a more appropriate response.Have you ever been with a woman? she asked.No, I said.Why not?Ive only been attracted to men.Perfect, she continued crypticallyI wasnt quite sure what that meant but I felt myself shiver with a mixture of fear and anticipation. I didnt know what might be going to happen but it didnt sound like it was going to be boring and routine.Have you ever had anal sex? Been fucked up your ass?No, never.Even better. I love watching a woman take it up the ass for the first time. Especially with Greg since he has such a thick cock. It makes it so intense.All sorts of things swirled through my mind. A few minutes ago I came up delivering a routine form for signature and now there was all this talk of sex and...I hadnt even begun to get my thoughts straight when she was talking again.Take off your blouse, she said. Ordered, really. I want to see your breasts.I felt a bit self-conscious as I unbuttoned my blouse. Of course Id been naked in front of other women before, but never because one of them wanted to see me naked. Without being asked I unclasped my bra and took it off. Ive got pretty good breasts, even if I do say so myself. Medium sized and firm, with big nipples.Nice, she said. Now your pants.I kicked off my shoes, unzipped my pants and stood there in front of her desk wearing just a lacy thong. I didnt expect them to last long.She got up and walked around behind me. I felt her hand stroke one of my bare ass cheeks, left uncovered by my underwear...