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The Rune Primer Sweyn Plowright

The Rune Primer

Sweyn Plowright

Published 2006
ISBN : 9780958043519
175 pages
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 About the Book 

I bought this book primarily for its sections on other authors and the myth busting section regarding the histories and origins of certain symbols and practices. I found the book to be very honest and straightforward, and refreshingly humble in tone.People new to the runes and the rune poems will find Mr. Plowrights interpretations and translations smoothly written and easy to understand. One thing I liked was the helpful footnotes added to some words and phrases that help your understanding by adding cultural or historic context, which is something often overlooked even by those of us who are long time students or consider ourselves well seasoned in the subject.I was not disappointed with the section on other authors. Ive read a few reviews that presented this section as a way of being dismissive towards them, but I found the commentary to be objective and respectful. Not to mention often complimentary and positive as opposed to disdainful or negative. Ive used Edred Thorssons works since the late 90s, and I found the information regarding him to be thorough and accurate to the best of my knowledge, without any connotations of tension or rivalry. Also what was written regarding Freya Aswynns history. I do hope to see mention of Diana Paxson in a third edition as she has become quite popular very recently.Overall this book accomplishes very well what it set out to, which was to be a simple rune primer that combined concise, practical material with an objective overview of other authors as potential teachers. Had it existed in my youth it would have been a very beneficial book to start with and I recommend it to newcomers. Others who have already been studying or practicing the runes for some time will find this to be a quick, fun read that may teach you a few new facts or give you perspective regarding other authors before adding it to your collection shelf or passing it along as a helpful gift to someone whos just getting started.